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Italian Cheese

A Story of Tradition, Quality, and Authenticity

Intergrana’s Italian hard cheeses exhibit different characteristics depending on the ageing process. The colours range from milky white to pale yellowish. Each variety releases unique aromas and flavours, from sweet and fragrant to more robust and savoury. The ingredients of these Italian cheeses are simple and timeless: milk, salt, and microbial rennet, with the addition of E460 ‘cellulose’ available upon customer request. Intergrana carefully selects its Italian cheeses directly from their places of origin, collaborating with qualified and certified producers. Our selection provides variety in terms of formats and packaging types, ensuring a diverse range of options to meet every need.

Design and customization for a unique experience

Intergrana offers a wide range of customization options for any type of packaging. Depending on the volumes required and your specific needs, we will evaluate together the best solution.