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Cheese Mixes

An Explosion of Colors, Aromas, and Unique Flavors

Discover the variety of our hard cheese mixes – a blend of different colours, aromas, and flavours, each with a unique character. With a straw-coloured base, the scent and taste of our mixes vary from sweet-fragrant to savoury, depending on the blend chosen by the customer. Crafted with high-quality ingredients such as milk, salt, microbial rennet, and cultures, our cheese mixes delicately melt on the palate. They are available in various types, which can be customised according to specific customer requirements and to meet different market demands.

Design and customization for a unique experience

Intergrana offers a wide range of customization options for any type of packaging. Depending on the volumes required and your specific needs, we will evaluate together the best solution.