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Tradition, Passion, Innovation

Who we are

At the Heart of Intergrana

Intergrana was founded in 1996 in response to the growing demand for cheese as an ingredient in the food industry. With its swift responsiveness and tailor-made solutions, the company has since then successfully cultivated customer loyalty and tackled some of the market’s most challenging projects.

Intergrana’s corporate values are rooted in four fundamental principles:

People: We firmly believe in the value of individuals and the potential of teamwork. We build stable and enduring relationships, leveraging the younger generation’s curiosity and enthusiasm.
Professionalism: This is our promise to customers. We assess whether we are the right partner to successfully manage your project and create value for your concept.
Loyalty: We’re dedicated to our stakeholders and aim to nurture a relationship of trust, always focusing on transparency in our services and offerings.
Service: We offer our customers a made-to-measure service and customised solutions for every need, ensuring support at every stage of the project.

Our Story

Foundation and Growth

Intergrana is a history of commitment that began in 1996, stemming from the pioneering idea of Antonella Bocchi, the company’s founder, to start a business specialized in the processing and packaging of Parmigiano Reggiano PDO. Over the years, the cornerstones of proper business management have been learned, and a structure capable of meeting the needs of the food industry has been created. Raised in the family business and leading it for a few years now, Marco Azzali has carried on this legacy, revolutionizing Intergrana with entirely innovative perspectives and managerial dynamics.

Development and Consolidation

Over the years, Intergrana has perfected a working method based on the synergy between human resources and technology, offering a service of the highest level in terms of speed of development of new projects, packaging construction quality and tailor-made production.

Enviromental Sustainability

For a better

Since 2009, Intergrana has invested in sustainability by installing 1,000 square meters of solar tracking photovoltaic panels on the roofs of our buildings. This initiative allows the company to offset 50% of its energy consumption with clean energy. Our commitment does not stop here: we aim to become entirely energy self-sufficient by 2030, making a significant contribution to the reduction of pollution in our area.

Sustainable Innovation

Intergrana is pioneering sustainability research in the dairy industry packaging sector. During the period 2019-2021, the company developed a compostable material capable of ensuring a longer shelf life compared to traditional plastic packs. The goal is to offer cheese in biodegradable packaging as an ingredient for ready-made dishes – an innovative solution that stands out on the shelves for its sustainability, distinguishing itself from competitors using non-recyclable plastic.

Quality & Certification

Intergrana, a guarantee of safety

Intergrana is synonymous with quality. . We are BRC and IFS high level certified and our plants are authorised to process PDO Parmigiano Reggiano according to the quality control body OCQPR regulated production. Additionally, we are authorised for organic cheese, for PDO Pecorino Romano and are a lysozyme-free factory. The only allergen in our cheese is milk.

Work with us

Join our team.

We are continuously looking for dynamic and motivated individuals to join our team.
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