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June 15, 2023

The new slide for the playground area donated by Intergrana.

Intergrana aims to be increasingly close to the community with tangible actions. For this reason, the event held recently in Salsomaggiore holds great significance for the entire company, which has donated a new slide for the playground area of Parco Mazzini to the spa town. The slide was inaugurated in the presence of Mayor Filippo Fritelli, Councilor for Business Activities, Trade, and Urban Decor Enrica Porta, and representatives of some of the city’s volunteer associations. Starting today, children who visit the area dedicated to them just steps away from the train station and the city center can climb and play on the new slide donated by Intergrana. It is a new piece of equipment designed to be as inclusive and interactive as possible. On its sides, there are two walkways that allow children with motor disabilities to use it, enabling them to climb and have fun like everyone else. Additionally, a crank on one of the walls allows, when activated, the children to listen to a recorded song.

“A sincere thank you goes to Intergrana, an important company that invests in the Salsomaggiore territory,” said Mayor Filippo Fritelli. “This park was refurbished five years ago, and today we are happy to be able to replace the old slide, which has become completely unusable.” Echoing his sentiments, Councilor Enrica Porta stated, “This is an extraordinary gesture that allows us to take another step forward in our process of revitalizing the city parks.” “It is with great pleasure that we donate this new and modern slide to Salsomaggiore, to assist the local community and its children. We want to invest in and share the success that we as a company are having with the city we call home,” declared Marco Azzali, CMO of Intergrana. This is a demonstration of our closeness to the community, which will now have an additional tool for their children’s enjoyment.”