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June 13, 2023

The new compostable Single Serving Packs

The commitment we have undertaken in recent years has been primarily focused on identifying innovative packaging solutions that, while ensuring the aroma and integrity of the product, reduce the environmental impact typically associated with food packaging.

Among the many initiatives we have undertaken is the introduction of new 100% compostable single-dose packs. The technology used in this type of packaging allows for the use of polymers and other transformable materials, which can be converted into compost after use, thus making them reusable as fertilizer for soil.

In general, any product made with materials that allow for compost creation through natural degradation or industrial processing is referred to as compostable. At that point, the compost is used as fertilizer.

Therefore, Intergrana’s new single-dose portions are nothing but solutions whose wrappers can become compost. This process allows for their reuse in a completely natural way with zero environmental impact. Choosing compostable packaging over non-compostable options may seem like a small gesture. However, when considering repeating this action every day and multiplying it by millions of people, the significance of such a decision becomes evident, not only in terms of environmental impact but also economically and socially.